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When we have moved away from the week of Sine Dolore World Park, held in early May, one detail draws attention. After the accumulated years and the very strong social mobilization that it entails, Sine Dolore is a consolidated phenomenon that has broken what we could call "the barrier of the next day". It often happens that so many social projects and collective initiatives, and so many associative movements, experience the "vacuum" of the day after. When they have complied with the annual appointment of what gives them the reason to exist, they seem to fall into a phase of "low tension", to the point that it brings them closer to a certain paralysis, even momentary. They are invaded, inevitably, by the idea of ​​the duty fulfilled and the mission conquered: something that projects them on a point of inaction and deep rest. It would seem that they are like the screens of mobile phones: they enter into darkness and into a silence that seems infinite. It is very natural the phenomenon that I describe: the common human condition is to give ourselves to rest, so the action stops - and even more so if it has been frenetic.

But in the organization of Sine Dolore Foundation, this source of human energies that drives Dr. Jordi Moya, we verify the opposite phenomenon. There are never stages of voltage drop, or almost never. The next day it becomes a stronger and more tenacious spring. Without interruption, the heart does not stop pumping or distributing blood, in order to activate the appointment of the following year. Sine Dolore Foundation is the living stamp of what is usually called «spirit of renewal». Going into the fabric of your arteries means that you are aware of the systematic blood flow that characterizes it. Sine Dolore is a "no-stop"; it is an inexhaustible source of energy that matches the modern idea of ​​solar energy: constant, renewable and clean. Eventual clouds, of course, can lower the degrees of heat, but the sun always emits calories, it always stays on.

It is not necessary to believe, at the same time, that such effects are limited only to internal organization. Many repercussions are today extended to the musculature of Menorcan society. Admira check the constant adherence of a long list of social areas: municipal corporations, the Consell, IB-Salut, sports or academic entities, groups of taxi drivers, restaurateurs, hoteliers, businesses, patients and relatives ... The relationship is extensive, marked all of them for maintaining a live attention regarding the progression of Sine Dolore; or to share opinions about the last edition. I repeat: a true blood circulation has been created that would make Michael Servetus happy.

We do not incur extravagances when affirming, even, that Sine Dolore has tourist incidence, since it helps the demand for accommodation between the end of April and the first week of May. Perhaps the day will come when it will be seen as a tourist attraction event for certain age groups. In our days, it is nothing new that certain events act as incentives to generate tourist fluctuation. This is the case, for example, in the vast phenomenon of sport. Or in certain calls of the world cinematography. Also in the field of fairs and trade, in the way that Ifema attests to the case of the city of Madrid. These are indisputable points of attraction for tourists and travelers around the world. Consequently, why can not we dream that, sooner rather than later, Mundiplan and Imserso offer the island of Menorca as a "sine dolore" destination for retirees and the elderly? The general conditions of the insular territory are unbeatable at all times of the year, due to the stable quality of life that characterizes it.

In the first weeks of May, the proposals are irresistible for that audience: meeting in Menorca of expert doctors in the treatment of pain, opportunity to contact them and advise on the personal case, to know a magical island, and to feel in it an active part, including to ensure the quality of life.

We can not ask for more. Sine Dolore as a social movement, supported by the legal formality of a foundation, can no longer stop machines. As with living organisms, it has a cardiology that does not interrupt the heartbeat, nor can the blood stop the irrigation on the entire anatomy. Something will have to do with WHO statistics, by ensuring that 20% of the world's population suffers from chronic pain. If in Europe the data supposes that there are about 60 million patients in this field, in Menorca we would have that 18,000 islanders live under the weight of permanent pain. Projecting Menorca on this map of the epidemiology of pain is, without a doubt, a powerful spring, in relation to which only benefits and joys can be extracted. That the machine does not stop.

Author: Miguel Ángel Limón

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